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You've found my Commitment Cemetery!

Here lie all the commitments I've failed to keep.


I have not invited you here today for a funeral of my failed commitments. 


Rather, we are holding a celebration of their life.


The commitments resting here taught me who I am. I am me. I am upbeat and offbeat. And words are where it’s at. It may have taken more years than desired, but I’ve finally found where I can use my words to lift others up and bring some smiles to the world. It’s in advertising.


So here I, Jared Brockbank, declare my enthusiastic, sigh-of-reliefing, full-steam-ahead commitment to advertising.

Let's write words and share smiles.

Companies I've worked with:


Utah Department of Commerce

Hughes Media Solutions


Mark & Wake T-Shirts

OnMi Transdermal Patches

OVME Medical Spas

Reverie CBD

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