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You've found my Commitment Cemetery!

Here lie all the commitments I've failed to keep.

cemetery big.png
grave digger.png

I'm also committed to advertising! 

I love advertising! 

Awards I've won! (Or not!)

ANDY - Gold

Telly Awards - Silver 5x, Bronze 2x

One Show Portfolio - Shortlist

One Show ADC - Merit 2x

Clio - Bronze, Shortlist

AICP - Shortlist

D&AD - Shortlist

Addy - Silver 3x, Bronze 2x, Judge's Choice

Project Yellow Light - National TV Spot Winner

La Pieza International Festival - Silver

Things I've learned!

Advertising (BYU AdLab grad)

How to read (English Minor)



Premiere Pro

The Czech language

Fantasy stuff is not for me

The color green is actually ok

Companies I've worked at!

Grey NY

2023 - Present

Pringles, Boost Infinite, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Minute Maid, Volvo

Let's meet

I'd love to chat! Schedule a meeting.

We can play Jared Bingo while we talk.

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