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Morton Salt

Trust the Crystals

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Young adults enter a daunting new era as they learn to live on their own, so they turn to various forms of support. Some turn to healing crystals.


Morton Salt plays with the popular crystal culture and promotes its salt crystals to empower young adults embarking on their cooking journey.

Energize print
Align print
Balance print

OHH ads will be placed near colleges

necklace wide with food.jpg

The Morton Crystal Necklace

salt on food necklace.jpg
Crystal Necklace insta post

Radio Spots

These spots will play during young adult lifestyle podcasts like Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain and Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz.

Noodles (:60)

Caramel (:60)


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Table Salt
Sea Salt
Kosher Salt
Pink Salt

Branded packaging highlights a youthful aesthetic and new salt identities. 

Kosher Salt - Confidence
Table Salt - Stability
Sea Salt - Vitality
Pink Salt - Optimism
Copy: Jared Brockbank
Art: Annabelle Peterson
Photography: Jack Dearden, Meg Cook
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