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Party City

Party Pals

Party City wants everyone to have a good party. But how can Party City help introverts who may not love being at their friends’ parties? 


It can provide some social support.

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Party City provides a texting support service to connect non-partiers with a party pal.

When non-partiers panic, they turn to their phones. Party pals meet them where they're comfortable.

The party pal figures out their needs and offers some help.

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6.8 million adults in the US have general anxiety.

15 million adults in the US have social anxiety.

According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, 2022

Sometimes, non-party people find themselves at a party full of party people.

Then comes the

Party Panic!

Party City believes everyone deserves a good party.

To support the social efforts of the socially anxious,

Party City presents...

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So much support!





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Copy: Jared Brockbank
Art: Gwynie Bahr
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