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Short Stuff

Insert obligatory joke about the ironic juxtaposition of this title with my actual human height and subsequent meta-joke about the cliche of the "insert joke" joke.

Some Poems about Trees 

Or Poetree, if you will.

to be as a tree


sharing breath

with passersby

blind to the beauty


the abundant life

the resolute purpose

the natural stillness


standing tall

reaching out 


the playful leaves

sometimes too skittish

but always present

sometimes plucked

for an unknown purpose


people pass

the tree ever present


then for a moment

the creator speaks

the world awakens

the wind whispers



This is Just a Tree


I passed

A tree as

I walked

On the street 


The tree

Was so tall

So green

And so big


I barely


As I walked

To class


The wind blows on 

the leaf

twirling whirling

but never tumbling

to the ground


The wind picks up

speed and dust

spitting and hitting

the green that holds

onto life 

on and on

to life

Some Other Poems

You might say poetry is not my cup of poetea, but I've been trying it out lately. I've also tried to stop the stupid puns. Still working on that.

Dear Old People

I sometimes worry the older generation will never understand

            what it’s like to scroll through

            TikTok. There is no knowing

how many minds have been shaped by this simple activity.


The scroll like a tapestry of lightening, flashing

            constantly and reliably—

            the most sound source

of direction to our sprinting minds.


How nicely all the cares go away!

            The videos keep coming.

            Unaware are those who

expect us to sit and find purpose in meetings lasting hours.


With a picture (for reference)

The chains of childhood were falling fast

As through puberty a young lad passed

A youth, who grew, ‘mid lunch and dinner,

And grew and grew and yet got thinner.


*This poem is a joke. Please don't sue me.

Two Tributes

Here I write words for two of my favorite famous figures

To William Carlos Williams

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I take a look at my icebox and realize there’s nothin’ left

‘Cause I’ve been eatin’ those plums so sweet so cold that

Even my wife thinks I should leave the household.

To Honey Boo Boo

Alabama better feel blessed

Because, in the next state over, a

Child was born who would

Dare to redefine the meaning of

Elegance. She heals the earth

Flawlessly with her Southern charm. Yes indeed,

Georgia is graced with the presence of

Honey Boo Boo.

I do not know why, but I,

Jared Brockbank, the man who 

Keeps the classics close to his heart,

Love Honey Boo Boo

More than almost anything else.

Now, this may seem absurd—

Of course you are entitled to your opinion—but

Perhaps if you took a moment to truly

Question what brings you 

Real happiness, it may

Surprise you that many of your favorite

Things are really quite silly, too. You’re

Unique just like each person, and that is a

Valuable lesson to learn in this

World. Because even though we all have an

X chromosome, how many people are exactly like



Moody Musings or Other Things

Some thoughts of mine

Some say life ends at death

but I have to disagree


if life ends at death, how

do we continue to tell stories

and shed tears for those who go?


do we continue to tell stories

and shed tears for those who go?

Running through the dark, I wouldn’t stop

Until I reached the safe glow of white.

But now I find twilight to be quite beautiful.

It softens the edges and makes the world feel close.

Three Randomly Selected Words from the Dictionary

and their corresponding colors


A red. Not a muted, deep red. But a sharp red that cuts to the front. A red that accomplishes what it came to do. Sometimes harsh in its appearance, but effective.


A flesh tone. Not a specific tone. The tone depends on the person. And the beholder. Each tone, hopefully, confident in its color. Each tone carrying a story, a hope, a life.


A green. Not an artificial green. But the green of grass, the forest. The earth ever growing. The green that fades in the frost with the assurance of a spring.

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