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A part of me. For free.

People have many ways to find joy and
fulfillment in this life...
Some people go camping.
Others collect frog paraphernalia.
I make dumb videos.

Why did I make my own streaming service?

Why did I make my own streaming service?

And I share them with the world.

The announcement trailer

Because I hope what brings me joy will also spark a few other smiles.

The History of JaredTV+

The launch trailer

When I was 10, I wrote and directed a movie called Singed. (No, not the misspelling of "sung," but the past tense of "singe.") I found it thrilling to create this story of a light singeing–what an ugly word—people's eyes.

There was no going back.

I later became the family political campaign manager and helped three siblings (and myself, not to brag) get elected to student government. The video parodies of Finding Bigfoot, Jared: The Galleria of Jewelry commercials, and country cooking shows were key players in the campaigns.

Then I joined Instagram.

I got brave and started posting my video creations on my Stories. They would make their debut and then comfortably slip away after 24 hours.

The videos laid in my Instagram archive, never to be seen again.

Until now.

FYI, the never-before-seen JaredTV+ exclusive "National Treasure 3: The Ultimate Treasure" can't be missed, but I also quite love "House Hunters: Global Empire," and "A Horror Movie" is a must for all the slasher fans out there.

And please don't ever watch "Close Encounters of the Second Kind." It's for your own good.

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