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Real Good Stuff

People paid for this.

Resumes are kinda boring.

I could make a nice, neat PDF that shows how I worked as a creative marketing intern for the tech company Hughes and how they then hired me on as a contracted copywriter and graphic designer (which is what I'm still doing 2.5 years later) or how I was a content and social media intern for Pluralsight working in my parents' basement the summer of 2020 or how I was a copy intern this past summer for the Atlanta-based marketing agency Marketwake that helps small businesses have an impact, but I'm not going to do that. Instead, you can read the highlights of my real-world work below.

I wrote some blog posts and social content for a typeface t-shirt company.

In other words, I gushed about something I love, and a company (Mark & Wake) paid me to do it. No cap. (That's a font joke.)

Typeface vs. Font Blog Post

A little taste:


Call the pedantic police because we have a confession to make. 

We have committed a grammatical grievance. A vocab violation. A typographical transgression! 

And guess what. We don’t care. 

Everyone’s doing it. You could even say it’s cool... 

We called a typeface a font

Now is this a cause for incarceration? We don’t think so. However, in our never-ending pursuit of knowledge and graphic design development, let’s explore together the difference between “typeface” vs. “font.” A difference between the terms does indeed exist. The question is whether it truly matters. 


Helvetica Blog Post

A few highlights:


She is beauty. She is grace. She is found all over the place. 

Give it up for Helvetica: the queen of famous fonts, the goddess of design, the superstar of sans-serif. Her presence is undeniable, and her power over design is palpable. Yet she does it all without any semblance of effort. No serifs. No sweat.


It all starts with the grotesque. No, not the Frankenstein or the Chickle kind of grotesque. We’re talking about a set of sans-serif fonts (called grotesque or grotesk) produced for a few decades starting around 1815. They are characterized by low contrast and even widths and were designed for attention-grabbing headlines.


Flash forward to the mid-1950s in Switzerland and we find a worried Eduard Hoffman, president of the Haas type foundry (the Haas’sche Schriftgiesserei, if you speak German or are simply passionate about vowels). Sales of their grotesque fonts were falling. The foundry’s classic designs struggled to compete with other foundries’ offerings, such as the Berthold type foundry’s popular Akzidenz-Grotesk typeface from 1898. 


And then there's the Times New Roman Blog Post

I squeaked this one in during my last day as an intern at the agency. Unfortunately, it hasn't been posted yet, but here is the document giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes into what goes on inside my head (and in my Google Docs.)

I wrote these Q's and A's for a transdermal patch company FAQ page which were actually approved.

Thanks, Omni Patches. You're a real one.

What about my OOTD? 

If you’re worried about our patches souring your fresh fits, have no fear. The four layers of the patches are clear, resulting in a subtle square you can stick anywhere. And if sleeves are your thing, the patches are very thin and can fit under any piece of clothing. In short, OnMi patches are a perfect pairing with any ensemble. 


I have a cute pillbox from Etsy. Why should I give up my pills for patches?

We’ll see your gigantic-pill-induced gagging and raise you a pleasant patch application. Stick with our patches and you’ll see the difference. 

Pills contain artificial colors, unnecessary fillers, and possibly some added sugars. Our patches don’t. Pills can irritate the stomach or be hard to swallow. Our patches won’t. 

On top of that, our hypoallergenic, latex-free, and paraben-free formulation won’t irritate your skin, so we’ll take stick over swallow any day.

I work for a tech company.

Because that's what you're supposed to do if you live in Utah.


But I don't just work for a tech company... I write for a tech company.

Things I write words for:

  • Product explainer video scripts

  • Web banner ads

  • Web video ads

  • Print ads

  • YouTube product videos

  • Emails to the masses

  • Emails to the creative director (his name is Chuck)

  • Text messages to the creative director (he's my supervisor)

  • Sticky notes to the creative director (we collaborate often)


I was asked to create a spicy* new voice for the company's explainer and overview YouTube videos.

*The company execs have a fairly low tolerance for spice, but the creative director (Chuck) asked me to push the limits and add a little flair to the scripts I am writing.


VoIP is fun!

Here's a script I wrote with a joke about a duck that I can't believe (but am celebrating) was approved.

*The visual elements and motion graphics are still in production, so unfortunately, no video for you today.


Need to make a call?


Have a chat?


Come together for a remote tête-à-tête?


Whatever you call it, you want to have your phone conversations uninterrupted. 


And you can do it with VoIP.


Voice-over-IP gives you high-quality voice communications that are more affordable and flexible than a traditional phone line.


VoIP from Hughes gives you even more.


Let’s talk about it.


Hey, we’re Hughes. 


We don’t like to brag, but we’ve been in the communication industry for years. Actually, make that decades.


When you choose VoIP with Hughes, you’ll have an experienced provider who knows what’s up. You can also pair VoIP with any of our other network services or digital communication solutions. You’ll have everything you need for your business communications, and just like a duck, you’ll only have one bill.


Bad joke? Probably… but our ActiveTechnologies definitely aren’t.


Our exclusive network enhancers ensure your voice packets are prioritized across the WAN, even during heavy network congestion. You’ll have near perfect call quality to support all your phone conversations, whatever you want to call them.


Our solution comes fully managed, and we’ve got the installation covered. We can even add our solution to your existing network. 


Don’t be a sitting duck for dropped conversations, visit our website to learn more about VoIP from Hughes.


VoIP, along with all our other communication solutions, helps bring your business all together now.

Here's a bonus web video ad for you.

It's for MediaTraining, an online employee training platform. The visuals are still in production.

This is a train.


This is training on a train.


This is training on a plane.


This is training plain and simple.


This is a training support call.


This is training with some joe.


This is training done by Joe.


This is training with some views.


This is training how you choose.


This is MediaTraining from Hughes

I wrote the copy for a full-page ad in USA Today.

Seriously. I can't believe it either. It did have to take a journey through Corporate America's Greatest Hits. After eternal lines of approvals and final feedback from non-creative uppity-ups, the body copy is far from what I had originally written, but it was still published in a gigantic newspaper and, as a college student whose fine dining experience consists of Panda Express, I can't be mad about that.


I create the content for BYU Cornhole Club's Instagram page.

And it's an honor to do so. Even though I'm not paid for it. (But I wouldn't be mad if I was.)

EDMxCornhole Club Event 

In one of my proudest moments, I led a grassroots effort to publicly call out the EDM Club President who suggested a crossover event with Cornhole Club but then immediately disappeared with no effort being made to concoct the mind-shattering beats to accompany the cornhole bag tossing. The campaign proved effective, and the resulting club event was life-changing. 

Celebrity Endorsements

To satisfy humanity's inclination toward order and identity, I choose a celebrity or cultural artifact to lead the promotional material and inform the overall theme for each week's content. We've been honored to work with some of Planet Earth's leading figures, including Justin Bieber, Honey Boo Boo, Vanessa Hudgens, Hasbulla, and the Kardashians.

The Reviews Are In

BYU Cornhole Club's Instagram page has got people talking (in the comments section):

"Every day I think to myself 'no way @byucornhole can top this post' and then you keep making me feel foolish"

"I live for this IG page"

"@byucornhole you have outdone yourself"

"I've never been more motivated to go to cornhole club" *for the record, they didn't come


"12/10 for the content on this page. It's an honor to follow."

"This video alone changed my DNA"

"This is amazing I love the cornhole social media manager sm" *no, they were not paid to say that


See for yourself. I promise it's worth it.


The Instagram Page


The Most Successful Post

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