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My Ads

Print Campaign
Adobe Creative Cloud

Copy/Concept: Me

Art: Kate Slobodian

Consumer Insight: Not having the right creative tools sucks.

Strategy: Show the pain that can come from doing things by hand, and offer Adobe as a solution.


360 Campaign
Visit London

Copy/Concept: Me

Art: Brianna Aguilar

Content: Brighton Forsgren

Consumer Insight: People travel to experience something different.

Brand Insight: London does things differently, in an instantly recognizable and iconic way.

Strategy: Celebritize London and show all the ways it is iconically different than the United States.

Print Ads
first and second_Artboard 5.png
visitlondon third-08.png
Transit Ad
visitlondon edits-07.png
Radio Spots

Voice: Elena Deighton

Editor: Me




Ambient Ad
visitlondon_edit final.jpeg
Social Media Ad

(A three slide Instagram Stories ad)

(All together now)

social_1_updated png.png
Interactive/Digital Ad
interactive website-19.png
interactive website-18.png
interactive website-17.png
interactive website-16.png

Produced Element: Radio Spot
Just Serve

Copy/Concept: Me

Voice: McKay Fritz

Editor: Me

Consumer Insight: People want to serve. People also can feel insecure about their differences.

Brand Insight: Just Serve provides many opportunities for people to use their unique talents to help others.

Strategy: Show how Just Serve helped the gingerbread man find a way to use his unique situation to help the community.

*If you feel this page is lacking in the video department, I applaud your observation skills. Please check out my passion project. I promise the videos there are bountiful.

One-off: Print Ad
EGO Lawn Mowers

Copy: Me

Art: Me

Consumer Insight: People get excited about innovations that make their lives easier. 

Brand Insight: EGO electric lawn mowers provide a simple and easy lawn mowing experience compared to traditional gas mowers.

Strategy: Show how electric lawn mowers are the next step in yard work by comparing it to advancements in other industries.


COMMS 330: Digital Ad
Utah Shakespeare Festival

Professor: Chris Cutri

Concept: Me

Copy: Me and Sam Smith

Art: Me

Official Woman in Stem Game Programmer: Brighton Forsgren

Consumer Insight: Many people are drawn to the past because of its comforting and elusive qualities. 

Brand Insight: The Utah Shakespeare Festival brings the dead back to life.

Strategy: Pair with another dead figure (Flappy Bird) to raise excitement about Shakespeare coming back from the dead again this year.

Flappy Bard Mobile Game



The game will be promoted on various platforms:

  • Tweets (see Tweet on left)

  • Instagram Stories

  • Facebook ads

  • YouTube videos

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